Developing Talent

Identifying Talent is Only Part of the Equation

Talented people are critical to an organization’s performance and success.  Organizations that do a better job of attracting, developing, exciting and retaining their talent will gain a competitive advantage and boost their performance.  Identifying talent is only part of the equation.  Talent reviews and succession plans are a start.  Calibra consultants can help you take talent management to another level.  They can help you create an environment where people feel engaged, where the work is challenging and fulfilling and where people can give their personal best.

Our Talent Development Services

Comprehensive Approach to Development (Feedback, Coaching, & Group Learning)

We assist leaders and high potentials  in developing the skills they need to manage their own priorities, communicate effectively, coach individuals and lead teams that contribute to their organization's success. High potential employees and/or leaders go through an intensive program (usually six months to one year) where they work with a coach who guides them through the program’s three components: assessment and development planning, individual coaching, group learning.

The program creates opportunities for leaders to tap into their potential as well as past successes, and share their experiences with and learn from each other.  Specific, relevant examples, cases, and practice situations foster important linkages between what is being learned and the actual work.  All aspects of the development program are closely linked to business results, individual development plans, and/or specific company initiatives. This helps shift individual learning to organizational learning.

Train The Coach

Calibra consultants have extensive experience in training and coaching leaders and internal consultants.  If there is a desire to train internal coaches to coach or mentor, we can provide a workshop on giving feedback, coaching participants on career and development planning, handling defensiveness, etc. 

Customized Training Design/Curriculum Development

Calibra consultants have extensive experience in training design and curriculum development.  We can conduct focus groups or a survey to determine the needs of your high potentials and leaders and determine how these align with the overall strategies of your organization.  We can also conduct train-the-trainer workshops if you want to use internal resources to facilitate your training efforts.

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Did You Know?

  • Training is not the key to development; job experiences and challenging assignments are crucial.  People should be matched to jobs to optimize long-term potential and day-to-day performance.
  • Individual development plans are ideal when based on “real work.”
    Studies suggest that people learn best from hands-on assignments, projects and work-related tasks. At least 70% of an individual development plan should be focused on tasks, activities, project work; 20% based on relationships with coaches/mentors and exposure to others; and, 10% on training, workshops, reading, and formal education.
  • Most organizations “grow” rather than "buy" leaders.
    When new leaders come from within, it's especially important to help them develop into the managers and leaders your organization will need in the future.

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