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You didn’t become a leader over night. You’ve worked hard throughout your career, demonstrating a level of drive, vision and determination that sets you apart from others. You recognize what distinguishes a good leader from an exceptional one — admitting that there is always room for improvement. You know that a leadership coach can help you deliver your best performance, but you demand someone with unparalleled professionalism, and the competence and skills to help you produce lasting, measurable changes.

Calibra’s Coaching Process

At Calibra, we are passionate about building better workplaces and improving work lives. We work with senior executives, mid-level managers and high potentials—helping them achieve their personal best and maximize leadership potential.

We work with you to develop a powerful, trusting relationship that allows you to bring out your best and the best in others. Our process is a proven approach to achieving results:

Create a Partnership

  • Introductory meeting/set the context.
  • Outline specifics of the engagement.
  • Make a go/no go decision.


  • Conduct coaching "kick-off" meeting.
  • Collect feedback from key stakeholders.
  • Compile and report feedback.

Action Planning

  • Create draft development plan.
  • Get input/reaction from manager and/or organizational sponsor as appropriate.
  • Finalize development plan.


  • Facilitate regular coaching meetings.
  • Complete activities between meetings.
  • Provide updates to manager/sponsor as agreed upon.

Measuring Success

  • Calibra works with you to measure the following:
    • Reaction (like it)
    • Learning (get it)
    • Behavior change (use it)
    • Results (achieve it)

Contact us

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Phone: 608-442-1121
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Is Coaching Right for You?

If you are not sure whether executive leadership coaching is right for you, here are a few guidelines and situations for which executive coaching can be particularly helpful. Coaching is effective when:

  • You are in the midst of change (preparation for a job change, promotion, stretch assignment or other challenge).
  • You are a high performer who wants to enhance your potential and continue to improve.
  • You are an up and comer in the organization and you want to develop a game plan for advancement.
  • You want to identify ways to overcome an obstacle or barriers to success or you are looking for new solutions to stubborn management or leadership challenges.
  • You believe a change in your behavior or your team’s behavior will result in improved performance.


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