Leadership Development Services

Great Leadership Requires Personal Commitment

Manage your own learning.

Our philosophy is simple.  Leadership skills can be developed; and, individuals have more success doing that when given good information, support and tools to help them change.  The organization provides support while the individual is the key to successful leadership education.

Calibra consultants assist leaders in developing the skills they need to:

  • Manage their own priorities;
  • Communicate more effectively;
  • Coach and train individuals; and,
  • Lead teams that contribute to their organization’s success.

A comprehensive leadership development program.

Changing behaviors takes time.  Building skill doesn’t happen overnight.  Because of this, we do not facilitate a one-and-done approach to leadership training.  We take a comprehensive approach to working with your leaders and managers (or high potentials) that guides learning and skill development over time.  Our comprehensive approach to leadership development is based on a combination of:

  • Individual assessment, feedback, and development planning;
  • One-on-one coaching; and,
  • Team learning.

We typically work with a group of managers, leaders, or high potential employees.  This group of individuals goes through an intensive program (usually six months to one year) where they work with Calibra trainers and coaches who guide them through the components of the program.  Leadership development efforts are linked to strategic initiatives and business results.  In addition, it is quite common to facilitate a train-the-coach conversation and/or workshop for the managers’ of program participants.  Individual accountability and ownership for one’s own development is stressed.

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Expect Results with the Calibra Approach

Our development programs link skill building to business results.

  • The program creates opportunities for leaders to tap into their potential as well as past successes, and share their experiences with and learn from each other. 
  • Specific, relevant examples, cases, and practice situations foster important linkages between what is being learned and the actual work. 
  • All aspects of the development program are closely linked to business results, individual development plans, and/or specific company initiatives.

Leadership can be Learned

At Calibra, we believe leaders are made, not born. Peter Drucker, one of the leading management thinkers of our day, talks about this premise in his book, “Effective Executive.”  Drucker sets forth his passionate conviction that leadership effectiveness “lies not in genetic traits but in learnable disciplines.”  Let Calibra’s comprehensive approach to leadership development move your organization down the path toward more effective leadership. 

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